A Man’s Gift

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A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men. Proverbs 18:16

The Hebrew word for gift in this passage simply means a present. God gives all of us gifts to use to further the Kingdom. In this post I want to unpack this Proverb with the intention to help us find our gifts and then develop them.

God gives all of us a gift or gifts, but often we either neglect the gift or aren’t sure if we actually have a specific gift. One reason for this is confusion between gifts and character. Gifts are given where as character is a choice. Gifts are used to help others, character is how we treat others. Gifts never replace character or excuse someone for having poor character, again character is a choice.

It is my belief that all of us know to some extent what our gift is, it just hasn’t been fully embraced. Rick Warren in his book Purpose Driven Life talks about trying things to find out what your specific gift is versus taking gift tests. He stated he is in favor of trying things and then determining if you are good at it and enjoy it, I am of this same belief.

When I first came back to Christ in my mid twenties I felt a call for ministry on my life but wasn’t ready to preach. My pastor sent me with some ladies to visit a convalescent home and minister to some ladies that had attended the church before. I found out although it was very rewarding to pray with these ladies at that time in my life this wasn’t where I was most effective.

The next year I went with a man from our church that ministered in a youth boot camp. Right away I knew this was a place for me to minister, I was able to start using my gift of speaking and loved it. This brings up another point once you discover your gift you need to grow in your gift.

My first pastor had a gift of taking young ministers and allowing them to use their gift of preaching and teaching. He would give me pointers and mentored me while I worked on growing in the gift of preaching. I am still growing in my gift.

When I got saved I knew I was called to preach and teach, but didn’t know how God wanted me to work in this gift, so I asked Him. One morning during prayer I asked their Lord and I felt Him speak this to me, “Never ask a man for a pulpit, I’ll open the doors, just be prepared when they open.”

I’ve never asked a man for a place to preach and over the years God has consistently opened doors for me to use my gift. Truly I’ve seen this verse come to pass in my life over and over again. God consistently blesses and I give Him all the glory, my part is to be ready.

In conclusion, get involved and serve trying different things in order to find your gift, don’t be afraid to say no if you feel it is something you are unable to do. Once you find the gift God has placed in you, find out what you need to do to grow read books, find a mentor, attend workshops, listen to podcast etc…

Look for opportunities to use your gift and always look for ways to improve and grow in your gift. I hope this helps please share if this has helped you and feel free to leave comments. Until next time, “God’s Not Mad at You but Mad About You.”

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