Daily Devotion #4

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Plans fail for lack of counsel,
    but with many advisers they succeed. Proverb 15:22

Have you ever had in your heart to do something and once you started it you realized that you missed something? Maybe it was harder than you thought or it cost more or you did not know how to accomplish it?

When we seek counsel we are saying I need more information. The scripture says, “plans fail for lack of counsel.” It is important to seek out not just any counsel but counsel that will direct you in the right way. For instance if you are starting a new ministry you need to get counsel from people that have started ministries of their own.

Now if you are making a decision then seek wise counsel but also get the counsel of the Lord. Spend time with God in prayer and reading his word and listen to see if he speaks to you. Once God tells you to do something then just do it you don’t need to keep getting counsel from others.

The passage in Proverbs goes on to say, “but with many advisers they succeed.” Everyone brings something to the table so many advisers help you see things in a different perspective and see things maybe you haven’t thought about yet.

Lord help us to find the right advisers to get the right information so we can make the right decision concerning our plans. Help us to hear your voice concerning our plans and help us to go do what you’ve put in our hearts. In Jesus Name Amen

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