Daily Devotion #7

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Laziness casts one into a deep sleep,
And an idle person will suffer hunger. Proverbs 19:15

Lazy people often expect others to do for them, but as this scripture indicates they miss out because of a deep sleep. God created man from the beginning to work, He told Adam to tend the garden even before he gave him Eve.

I’ve heard people imply that work is under the curse that God gave Adam everything and Adam didn’t have to do anything. Not so, God gave Adam everything he needed in the garden but he had to tend the garden or work it. The curse cursed Adam’s work. Just like today God gave us all things through Jesus but once we are saved (which does not require work but faith to receive), then we get a job and go to work.

It always amazes me how Christians are believing God for things that the world has because they went to work. Most people are believing God for things that God has already provided when He said seek ye first the Kingdom of God and then clothes, food etc… will be provided.

The reason people are lazy really comes down to the fact that they are not doing what God called them to do. They work in jobs they don’t like and never even develop the gift God gave them which makes our work easy. When you do what you are called to do work isn’t hard but rewarding.

Lord help us to find our gifts and go to work for you. Whether it’s in full time ministry or a secular job help us to use our gifts to bless others and lead them to Christ. In Jesus Name Amen.

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