So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Psalms 90:12

It’s been said, “Your most valuable asset is time or you can never get back time.” Both can be true in many ways especially if you are an adult living in the real world with other people. People will use your time if you let them, so in this post I want to talk about the importance of time and how we can use it for our benefit.

No matter what position in life time is an important component in your life. We all have 24 hours in a day and yet some get a lot done while others struggle to accomplish anything. Unfortunately the comment I hear often is I didn’t have the time to do what was required, while others have the same amount of time and get the job done with time left over.

First, time management is a thinking problem. Yes I said a thinking problem. People who don’t have enough time constantly think about their lack of time and therefore what they think about is what they talk about and ultimately is what they reap in life.

Instead think and talk about having enough time to get all that you need to do done. Instead of saying I don’t have time say, “I’m making time to get that done and it will get done.”

Second, write everything down. Make lists of what needs to get done both for work and in your home life. Start with the most important thing first then second and etc..

As you accomplish these tasks mark them off your list. Celebrate by making statements like “that was easy, next!”

Third, and most important know what your values are and let your values drive your time and what gets done and doesn’t. Values are the things that are most important in your life such as, God, family, exercise etc..

When you know what you value then you know when to say no and when to say yes. Values drive your vision, mission, and goals in life. When you know what you value then you can map out your day and get the things done that matter the most.