Psalms 62:5 – My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation [is] from him.

Today while driving to Fresno I was listening to a podcast from Elevation with Steven Furtick. Today was different because I didn’t realize it was his wife sharing instead of him, she did an awesome job. One thing she said stood out to me and reminded me of something the Lord had ministered to me years ago; give your expectations to God!

She didn’t say it in those words but rather stated, “Bury your expectations.” When she said that it reminded me of a devotional I had read years ago by Charles Stanley titled, “Give your Expectations to the Lord.”

The message was the same but expressed in a different way. So, I want to share a little bit about expectations in this blog in the hopes it helps others as it has helped me.

Have you ever thought someone should do something or a particular situation would turn out a specific way? If your like me you have and when it doesn’t happen the way you want it to you feel kind of deflated or let down.

Maybe you got a Word from God that something was going to happen; an open door, new job, financial blessing, call on your life etc.. Immediately you begin to rehearse how it will happen in your mind and therefore expect it to happen a certain way.

When we start to expect it to happen the way have rehearsed it in our minds is when we start putting our faith in the expectation not God.

Then when it doesn’t happen the way we believe it should happen our faith takes a blow and we can become angry, depressed, or quit the faith journey. I have counseled numerous individuals over the years that have lost the hope that something was going to happen because they expected God to do it the way they had rehearsed.

The key to getting past this and not let circumstances or individuals steal your faith is to give your Expectations to God!

How do we give our expectations to God?

1. Through prayer: first let me say this we have to contend for our promises they don’t just manifest (although sometimes they do). There is an enemy that will fight you in every possible way and most battles are in our minds so we need to fight that battle daily. Spend time with God rolling all of your expectations on Him.

We cannot control others or determine how things will happen so we need to do what requires from us and let God take care of the how.

2. Realize you cannot change others: when you expect others to do things a certain way or try to change them to fit your expectations it doesn’t work. You can only pray for them and expect God to change their heart, but what you also can do is work on becoming more Christ like yourself.

In conclusion, expectations go along with loyalty and grit to stick things out for the long haul. Your not going to always agree with others but if you make a commitment to something stick it out, stay loyal be the rock God has called you to be!