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I am restarting this blog with a new address and renewed purpose. My focus is going to be on Marriage & Family and Leadership. The shift in focus is due to the reality that the family is where we learn and grow in all areas of our lives.

Each week my goal is to write two blogs one on a selected topic that enhances and builds families and the other on a leadership topic. It is my goal to add value to the lives of both because in today’s culture we need quality input with life changing qualities.

Once I reestablish this blog I am going to be adding a podcast once a month that adds to the post for the week. The podcast will be an audio and occasionally a video so you can get the highest value out of these resources.

Let me give you an assurance that I am going to give you quality posts. A little about me I am a life learner both formally and informally. What I mean by that is I have spent the last 20 years studying leadership and families.

I have two Masters in Leadership & Management and Marriage & Family which has given me a foundation for my studies. I also spend 30 minutes a day reading for both my enrichment and to learn new material I can share with others. I am a Christian believer so I also allow the Holy Spirit to guide my studies also incorporating the Word of God (Bible) in my studies this is the greatest source of wisdom for our lives.

Again my goal is to help families and leaders grow with encouraging insights. I pray this blog Elevates your life and leadership.