images2KD6ITAZ“Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”
Mark 10:15

Let me start by saying I love being a dad. I got a late start, married at 43 and my first son, Seth was born when I was 45, my second, Judah when I was 48. I haven’t concluded that being a dad later in life is good or bad, one thing is for sure, I wish I had the energy I had in my 20’s or even my 30’s for that matter, boys require a lot of energy!

I’ve learned a lot from my boys, parenting has many challenges but just as many rewards. I am not only responsible for my life but now with a wife and two boys the responsibilities have increased and pressures, too. But in the midst of life’s pressures I’ve got two little lives that remind me of how delicate and rewarding life can be.

In Mark 10:15 Jesus talks about “receiving the kingdom of God as a little child.” As a dad I can relate with this passage on a more personal level that I could five years ago. Children are born with faith, although not always faith toward God but faith regardless.

Children trust and put their faith on their parents in so many ways. Faith to feed them, give them shelter, clothe them, take care of their every need, etc.. As parents teach their children their faith grows in other areas too, for instance when we hurt ourselves (stub a toe, fall, etc.) we pray in our home for the pain to leave. At two Seth began praying for us when we have an owe or are fighting a cold etc..

One time he and I were playing and I fell down and acted like I was hurt, Seth got a real concerned look on his face, touched me and began to pray, “Father heal my daddy in Jesus name Amen!”  When he gets hurt he tells me pray Daddy, with a requirement of touching the sore spot, then when the prayer is over he gets up and goes back to playing.

His faith is that when mom or dad pray for him he is healed and the pain has left. Often Christians receive prayer but we don’t expect God to heal us and our actions are more in alignment with our unbelief that belief.

Faith Like a Child!