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I hope you find this website helpful. This site will focus on the three P’s of success: Purpose, Passion and People.

Let’s get to know each other so here is a little about who I am.

The Present 

Currently I am the president of Tony Hendley Ministries, Inc. and a Spiritual Counselor (chaplain) for Optimal Health Services. After spending over ten years in full time ministry I stepped away to pursue my Masters in Human Services: Marriage & Family from Liberty University. After completing my degree I felt compelled to get another Masters in Management & Leadership and finished in 2012.

I am a life learner and continue to read and grow daily. While in ministry I partnered with other ministries and have both consulted and coached leaders to achieve all that God has called them to do.

Currently I am the Director and Professor for Alliance Bible & Leadership Academy which uses an online format for classes.

The Early Years 

I come from a broken home having very few memories of my mother and father being married. My dad was a career military man so my sister and I were born in Seville, Spain where my parents were stationed for three years. Shortly after my parents divorced leaving my mom a single mother with four children struggling to make it. When I was seven she became too ill to take care of us so we were sent to live with relatives so I ended up in Louisiana with my aunt and uncle for three years then on to Georgia to live with my dad and step mother.

At thirteen I came back to California to live with my mom who had remarried. At thirteen I asked Jesus Christ into my life and served him for the next four years before making some bad decisions. With strife in the home I moved out at seventeen and got involved in the drug world for the next ten years leading me down some bad roads eventually getting into trouble with the law.

The Military 

At nineteen I made the decision to go into the U.S. Army where I served for seven years even serving in Dessert Shield and Dessert Storm. The military was my hiding place so to speak because I had formed an addiction to drugs and the lifestyle that went with the addiction. Although I went in for other reasons I did learn to live a more disciplined life and work ethic that has helped me in life.

Post Military 

After serving, I came home to the same problems I had left behind: drugs and the lifestyle. Only this time I had no place to run or so I thought. You see all along I had been running from God and after a period of self destruction I had to make a decision. Was I going to continue to run from God or make a lasting commitment to Christ? I made a life changing decision to submit my life to God and have never looked back!

My Start 

After giving my life to God I immediately went to work in ministry. Although I had a lot to learn I began speaking in local churches and ministering in the local youth boot camp. I moved to Phoenix in 2000 and attended Tommy Barnett’s Phoenix First Pastors College interning at Phoenix First and counseling for Teen Challenge. 

I earned my BA in Christian Studies from Grand Canyon University and two Masters from Liberty University: Human Services: Marriage & Family and Management & Leadership.

After graduation I worked for a local church as the Director of Ministries and founded Landmark Bible Institute. I taught for LBI for three years and eventually took over Landmark Christian Academy as the principal and taught 4th-6th grade. In 2010 I resigned to further my education and continue to work with churches to accomplish the vision God has given them for their communities.


I have been married to Brenda for seven years and we have two boys, Seth Anthony and Judah Daniel. My wife is a source of constant encouragement and a great example of what it is to follow after God. My boys are a great source of joy and constantly provoke me to strive to be a Godly dad and husband.

I have served on numerous non profit boards and enjoy adding value to others.

My Vision 

My vision for life and THM is to add value to others! It is my hope that through blogging, videos and audios I can help others find their passion develop their passion and engage in meaningful relationships.

My prayer is that this site will help those who are on similar journeys see their dreams come true!