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Empowered to Change the World!

The next several months I am going to be writing on market place ministry in my weekly blog. The market place is where many of us spend most of our time and if we understand evangelism then it is where… Continue Reading →

Finding Your Purpose

As I talk to many believers today I sense that many are still unsure of what their purpose is in this life. They try many and any formulas to attempt success in finding their purpose yet they still are stuck… Continue Reading →

Finding a Mentor

I remember years ago hearing a preacher talk about finding a mentor. It was a new message for me because I had always been taught that scripture mandates us to disciple others while mentoring was a business term not a… Continue Reading →

Stream Time

I remember years ago talking to a young youth pastor who was in the midst of making a life changing decision. He had shared that it was time to move on from his current position but wasn’t sure what the… Continue Reading →

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