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Advice can be defined as guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent future action. In other words it is getting guidance from another person or a recommendation. Some advice is good, some advice is not good.

One thing I’ve noticed is some people are quick to give advice while others want all of the information before sharing advice.

Where there is no guidance the people fall, But in abundance of counselors there is victory. Proverbs 11:14

As you can see in scripture guidance or advice is necessary but it is also important to discern good and bad counsel.

I remember years ago a young man in the church I worked at was experiencing great financial distress. He was young father of three and financially he had made some bad choices and the pressure was causing anxiety attacks.

He went to several people including the pastor to seek advice on whether he should work at the local prisons or not. The job would pay more than enough to cover his mortgage and provide a great life for his family.

The pastor as well as others talked him into not pursuing the job. He took a low paying job and eventually lost his house and all he had worked for. He continued to have anxiety attacks and eventually passed from cancer.

I am convinced that who we talk to makes a difference. When someone has never had a secular job or can’t keep a job don’t ask them. Go to someone that has experience with making money not someone that has never achieved financial success.

This is just one example of course there are many that give great advice and we should head to those.

I always pray about the situation and then seek advice. I like what Kenneth Copeland says, “Once God speaks to you to do something quit asking others and do what tells you.”

If God gives us answers don’t ask others just do it. Take time today ask God who to ask and then pray if it is good advice or not. When He answers just do what God tells you and you will succeed.

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