Leadership Blameless


As we continue to write about the leadership qualities Paul gives both Timothy and Titus this week we will look at blameless.

When I think of this quality my mind always goes to people who have great character. Blameless to me means that they have done no wrong.

According to the online site Bible Tools, ”When applied to Christians, the quality of blamelessness is both a positional benefit of salvation and a moral character to be achieved.”

“The blameless character of Christians, however, is the intention of God, who “chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight” ( Eph 1:4 ).”

Through Christ we become blameless! Christ’s blood cleanses us from all sin and guilt making us blameless. When the devil looks at us he sees the blood and knows we are in Christ enabling us to be blameless.

In light of the positional reality, the believer is called to live in such a way as to attain the quality of blamelessness. 

Christians must “make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with him” ( 2 Peter 3:14 ).

Believers are to live in private lives that are full of character so their public presentation is one of being blameless. Character is what we do in private when no one is looking.

Character is built one day at a time, it is developed through daily disciplines. I personally am always working on my character so I can present myself to God blameless.

Daily decisions help us live blameless. Examples of being blameless are: not gossiping, not lying, not cheating on taxes, telling the truth, keeping our word etc..

Today I encourage you to do what David did, ask God to search you and try your thoughts to see if there is anything contrary to God’s character. Then change one little habit at a time until you are blameless

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