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Daily Flow

Recently I heard a pastor talking about how they as a church choose to follow groups that are in the same flow as they are. Then she said, ”what if daily we chose the flow of our day.” What she was saying is daily we can choose the path we take either bad, good, best or better.

When I first got save my pastors wife made a similar statement she said, ”every day there are multiple paths we can take, the key is to take the path God has for us!”

This caused me to start thinking about how I start my day. I wake up early between 4:30 and 5:30 AM in order to spend time in prayer and the word before the day starts.

What happens as the week progresses is I get tired or lazy and hit snooze more often limiting my time with God. More importantly, I will wake up and lay in bed for the first 15 minutes before I actually get out of bed.

It is in that 10-15 minute window that my day is decided! I can either start thinking about all the things I have to do, what I have or don’t have, my needs etc… Or I can start my day choosing to think about all I do have and how good God has already been to me and my family!

What I’ve started doing is taking time to be grateful for all the things God has blessed me with. I meditate on God’s goodness and also get a clear picture of what a great day awaits me.

It has changed my day with just one choice, deciding what path or flow I will take for the day. I hope this blesses you and take time to choose the flow you will walk in today!

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