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This morning I listened to a podcast interview with pastor, author Michael Turner about his new book Flourish. It was quite insightful and up lifting. The interview was specifically about his book but in this blog I would like to take some time to unpack the word flourish and see how you and I can flourish.

Flourish means grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

The first part of this meaning flourish means to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way. Grow is what we all want to do, develop into the person God created us to be. Growth doesn’t just happen it takes effort and one has to be intentional.

I remember years ago hearing John Maxwell talk about growth and the importance of having a growth plan. It impacted my life so much that every year I map out a growth plan that includes all area of my life.

I really like how the definition states that growth or development happens in a healthy or vigorous way. You see one can grow in an unhealthy way too. This happens usually when one is isolated or hasn’t dealt with past hurts and disappointments.

Healthy growth is when we deal with our stuff and fix what needs to be fixed. Vigorous to me represents discipline, dedication and a never quit attitude in the growth process.

The last part of the definition states that healthy, vigorous growth comes from a favorable environment. Environment is so important to the growth of any individual.

I remember years ago working in a local church where the environment wan’t healthy so it was very hard to experience healthy growth. On another occasions I have worked in environments that were quite healthy and growth was promoted and celebrated.

So how does one flourish in a world that is not so healthy?

First, be intentional in developing a growth plan. Pick the books that will help you grow. Attend conferences and seminars that will provoke your growth.

Second, find a mentor or coach that can help you reach your goals.

Third, become part of a community that fosters healthy growth. Build healthy relationships that foster a healthy environment that causes one to grow in. Keep in mind no group is perfect but find your tribe so you can be yourself and learn from others.

Blessings I hope this blog helps in your growth process.

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