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In today’s world we constantly see opportunities to get off track and lose focus on what we are trying to accomplish. There is a plethora of information flowing in the world and although some of it is good we have to focus on what we are called to do. I want us to take a quick look at focus this week.

Focus means the center of interest or activity. In other words whatever we focus on it is the center of our activity. Let’s take a look at how we can stay truly focused in our everyday activities and accomplish whatever God has placed in us to do.

First, let’s see what can get us off track. Social media! Spending too much time looking at social media seeing what everybody else is doing is a distraction.

TV! Watching too much TV causes us to lose our focus.

Thinking about what the Jones are doing keeps us distracted,

There are many other things that can distract us and cause us to lose focus. Now let’s look at how we can stay focused.

I recently read a book and listened to an interview from an author who talked about mindset. In his book he challenged people to write down on a card what they wanted to accomplish (goals) and daily read it to themselves. Do this three or more times a day.

He noted that after 30 days our subconscious mind would direct us to accomplish whatever is on that card. Our thinking is the focus on this exercise. This is how we get focused, daily affirmations about what we are setting out to accomplish.

Let’s ask the question are we focused or are we scattered? What do we think about? Are focusing on the right things?

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