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I am currently reading James Clear’s book Atomic Habits which is such well written book. I have only begun it but it already seems like an easy read. The reason for my reading of this book is it deals with an area I believe has the ability to change the trajectory of my life as well as others. Habits.

Habits is defined as a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. In other words it is something we do regularly and once established it is hard to give up. Most of the time when we think of habits it is in a negative view but healthy habits are what we are striving for.

I enjoy his opening story in chapter one about the UK’s cycling team and how they went from last to first in a short amount of time (5 years). He points out the way they changed their status was by making small changes which obviously had big dividends.

Often times we know what we want to achieve in life and get excited to get started, making big changes to achieve our dream. The problem is when we don’t see progress as quick as our change we get discouraged. Or we get burned out really quick and the habit of change sinks with our dreams.

I know I’ve made big changes and lost momentum and just quit after a short time. Change can be hard and sudden change can be extremely hard.

I remember talking to an older minister about change in the local church. He told a story of when he bought a race boat. He took his family out on the lake and if he turned real fast some of them fell off the boat. He stated change is the same way.

He gave another example of how we should bring change to an organization. He talked about a cruise ship which is quite large, yet controlled by an small utter. He said when the cruise ship turns it is gradual and if you are not paying attention you don’t even notice it is turning.

Small habits are the same way they bring change but it is gradual. Consistency is the key to changing the trajectory of our lives. Consistency in our daily habits!

What do you need to change in your life? Are there habits you need to change? Do you need to practice patience and learn consistency?

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