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Life Learning

I have always been very hungry to learn. One of the things I love about being a Christian is that when you live the life you are always learning. We learn about ourselves, God, people etc.. which has been an exciting journey.

I’ve learned revelation is progressive, in other words God doesn’t give us the whole picture day one but over time if we seek Him and learn His Word, His revelation does come. It’s this way in every area of life, we are always learning and growing.

While in Bible College my professor made the statement that as ministers we are life learners. In other words no matter how much education you have or experience we are still learning. In this blog post I want to give some methods of life learning and areas that have been beneficial for me as a person and minister.

First, reading. To grow intellectually one needs to first start with the Bible. God’s Word is full of nuggets that are vital to renewing one’s mind.

Also, theology books are meant to stretch our minds as we grow. I always choose a couple books that challenge me mentally and help me stretch in my thinking.

Biographies are great to learn about others both their successes and struggles. My 10 year old son has to read 30 minutes a day from a book of choice for school.

This year he has read the following biographies, Hudson Taylor (missionary), George Mueller (orphanage leader), Billy Graham (evangelist) and David Livingstone (missionary). He is growing mentally and is being challenged.

Self-help books are great because they are meant to provoke change and growth. I read a couple of these books every year and even have reread some of them because they remind me of growth opportunities and we don’t remember everything we read so I gain new things too.

Another venue that aids in life learning is audio. I personally listen to a couple podcast that challenge me daily.

I also listen to CD’s or MP3’s in my car as I am commuting to and from work. Sometimes they are preaching other times instructional to help me in an area I am working on.

Often I also listen to Audio Books. I’ve had several subscriptions through the years that are a great resource. I will often listen to books several times too.

Attending seminars or taking online courses are another way to grow. I have done both through out the years and benefited greatly.

I want to conclude by saying I believe it is important to have a growth plan. At the beginning of the year I decide which areas I am going to work on and then pick books, courses, podcasts and work on them daily.

So I’ll ask you today do you have a plan to learn this year?

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