Leadership Not Self-Willed

Not Self-Willed

The biblical leader is not dominated by self-interest, self-pleasing, stubbornness or arrogance; rather he or she is submissive to proper authority, seeking to please God and others. (Frank Dimazion)

Last week we started talking about leadership qualities according to Paul’s writings in Titus and Timothy. This week we will look at self-willed.

Dimazio continues by saying, ”people who are not self-willed are not set in their own way or set on having their way. They never hesitate to lay down their desires to serve another or complain about serving someone.”

From my observation self-willed people are usually loan wolves. They have a ministry or some Bible knowledge and are not teachable.

Most self-willed people will help others but complain about it always worrying about what others are doing or not.

Again this is a leadership trait so leaders are not to be self-willed. Instead they are willing to work with others preferring others above themselves.

Leaders are more concerned about the person than the program. They are willing to submit to other leaders even though they are leaders themselves.

Paul giving Titus the qualities of leaders was very aware that immature believers are often self-willed. This is why he specifically wanted Titus to choose people who are mature, not arrogant or self-serving.

Leaders see the big picture and realize that when they serve others they are doing God’s will on the earth.

I encourage you today take inventory ask yourself am I self-willed?

Am I submitted to the right leadership?

What do i need to change to mature and become the leader God has called me to be?

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