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I much like you. have probably an abundance of messages about Joseph. The betrayal of his brothers, falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife, prison and his eventual rise to power.

Great messages all of them!

Today I want to talk about his success. He obviously knew God, even though the scriptures don’t tell us how he came to love God. I believe when his father was leaving Laban’s house he was introduced to God.

Nevertheless, the scriptures are clear, “The Lord was with him.” This to me guarantees success not only in Joseph’s life but yours and mine.

When God is with us the enemy has no power over us. Now it doesn’t mean we don’t go through struggles or opposition, but we are destined to have success.

God gives us favor; He protects us and even opens the door to the palace.

I personally believe Joseph prayed, but also had integrity. He was a man of character and He reverenced God. These are the kind of people God elevates, those that acknowledge Him and live above the rest.

Today I encourage you to take time to examine your life. Acknowledge the times you knew God was with you and expect Him to still be there.

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