I along with many of you have heard preachers say things like, “the theologians say this or that.” Often make reference to a particular text even insinuating that theologians over think or are wrong in their interpretation of a text.

Unfortunately, most are uneducated and are only quoting something someone else has said or quoting a book. This is so unfortunate because had they taken the time to understand what theology is or better yet is not they would realize we are all theologians.

Yes, I said that!

You see according to Foundations of Pentecostal Theology, theology is the study of God and the relations between God and the universe; the study of religious doctrines and matters of divinity. A specific form or system of this study.

In simple terms a theologian is one that uses a system to study God. If you are Christian that actually studies the scriptures in order to better know God guess what you are a theologian.

Diligent means to work, so the scriptures state we are to work at studying God’s Word!

I believe one of the biggest issues today with the Christian world is the lack of study of God’s Word. Years ago, I taught at a church’s bible college and they largest enrollment of all the classes was How to Study the Bible.

Today, I encourage you to take the time to first open the Bible. Second, read it and then began to study the word. Get a concordance, dictionary and a good commentary to help study.

Then put into action what you have learned, you theologians!