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Vision Part 2

In our previous blog we looked at what vision is and how to gain the vision of God. In this blog I want to look at Habakkuk 2:2 and what God says about vision.

In the passage God tells Habakkuk to write the vison down. This is our first assignment if we are to accomplish the vision God gave us.

Write it, make it plain. So often I talk to people and they try to communicate their vision but they seem to be scattered when describing it.

The reason God commanded us in the scripture to write the vision is because it is so easy to forget and get off track. He says, “write the vision and make it plain.”

Plain means it’s easy to read!

So many times we try to complicate the vision God gives us. We try to figure out how God is going to accomplish it or we sit and wait for Him to accomplish it.

I believe God gives us a clear vison then it is up to us to prepare for it!

There is always a natural part and a supernatural part. We do the natural preparation and God does the supernatural.

The one that reads the vision runs with it! This means whoever reads it needs to be prepared and focused so they can accomplish the vison God gave them.

Over the years I’ve seen two specific reasons people miss what God has placed in their hearts.

First, they try to force something to happen. They try to do God’s part and manipulate people and circumstances to accomplish the vison God placed in them.

They feel they have to control the narrative rather than God leading and guiding them.

The second, they do nothing and wait on God to do it all. They believe God gave them the vision so He will do all the work to accomplish it.

These kind of people lack action.

I personally believe the devil fights those that God has given vison to. We have to contend for our vision and promises. In other words there has to be a spiritual battle won through prayer!

People that accomplish the vision God gave them also need to prepare for it. God gives us steps to accomplish our vision.

He also puts people in our lives that make us better so we can accomplish the vision He gave us!

Some people are there only for a season while others are there to stay!

I want to challenge you today write the vision on paper and look at it daily until it becomes a part of you!

We have to continually visit the vision so it becomes so much a part of us, that we live and breath it!

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