I along with many of you have heard preachers say things like, “the theologians say this or that.” Often make reference to a particular text even insinuating that theologians over think or are wrong in their interpretation of a text.

Unfortunately, most are uneducated and are only quoting something someone else has said or quoting a book. This is so unfortunate because had they taken the time to understand what theology is or better yet is not they would realize we are all theologians.

Yes, I said that!

You see according to Foundations of Pentecostal Theology, theology is the study of God and the relations between God and the universe; the study of religious doctrines and matters of divinity. A specific form or system of this study.

In simple terms a theologian is one that uses a system to study God. If you are Christian that actually studies the scriptures in order to better know God guess what you are a theologian.

Diligent means to work, so the scriptures state we are to work at studying God’s Word!

I believe one of the biggest issues today with the Christian world is the lack of study of God’s Word. Years ago, I taught at a church’s bible college and they largest enrollment of all the classes was How to Study the Bible.

Today, I encourage you to take the time to first open the Bible. Second, read it and then began to study the word. Get a concordance, dictionary and a good commentary to help study.

Then put into action what you have learned, you theologians!

Grace #3

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been writing about grace. First, we talked about saving grace and next we talked about sanctifying grace. This week I want us to look at empowering grace.

In the Hebrews text it says, “let us have grace by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and Godly fear.”

Grace enables us to serve God. I remember growing up hearing preachers talk about Paul and the thorn in the flesh, commenting on God’s grace is sufficient. There was always an implication that Paul just had to endure the thorn. Not so!

God’s grace is sufficient simply means God’s power is enough to overcome. God empowers us to run our race, live holy and serve Him with our gifts.

Grace is a force as well as favor, a verb as well as a noun!

Grace is exactly that a force that God gives us to be overcomers.

I hope these blogs have been beneficial to you. God Bless!

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Grace Part 2

Grace as stated in last week’s blog is Gods unmerited favor. In other words, we did not earn salvation, but God gave it to us as we receive it by faith. This week I want us to look at Titus and how Grace teaches us.

We’ve all heard messages either refuting sloppy grace or embracing an anything goes grace. Both are religous!

The thought that grace is a license to sin is a false teaching because grace as we see it in Titus teaches us to live holy.

I like what one commentary says, “The prerequisite to godly living is the grace of God. It teaches Christians discipleship and affords them the blessed hope of the coming of the Lord.”

We have been made holy to live holy lives. God’s grace teaches us to do good works not to earn salvation, but because we are free from sinful behavior and free to do good things for God.

This is the privilege and inheritance of God’s people, not a harsh law to be followed and fulfilled. Holy living is a response of God’s chosen and special people to the redeeming love and immeasurable grace of Jesus Christ.

The bottom line is by His Grace we can live Holy Lives not trying to earn our salvation but receiving it!

Next week we will talk about the empowering grace of God.


This week I want start a three-part series on grace. Grace is such a big word and I believe believers know little about the three applications in the Bible. This week I am going to unpack grace as it relates to salvation.

Tony Evans in his Bible Commentary states, “the grace of God saves us totally apart from any merit or our own, overcoming the power of the law to condemn.”

Grace is God’s unmerited favor. Paul told the Ephesians that it is by grace we have been saved. He makes the point that our faith is the avenue we take to obtain grace.

I like to use the analogy of a gift being handed to you but it isn’t yours until you reach out and take it. Grace is God’s favor handed to us but by faith we have to take it!

Evans continues to describe grace as, “the inexhaustible goodness of God which he freely bestows upon human beings, which is undeserved, unearned, and unable to be repaid.”

Ephesians makes the point that salvation is not of works so no one can boast. Men are boastful. They like people to know their works if they give they brag, if they help someone they brag, it is man’s nature.

It is important to understand that they law required works to please God. Grace internalized God’s moral law. Matthew 5 Jesus talked about the law stated, “though shalt not murder, but I instead say, though shalt not be angry with your brother. Though shalt not commit adultery, I say though shalt not look at a woman to lust after her.”

When Christ came he preached the kingdom of God which is in us!

Men don’t work for their salvation instead by faith receive it. It takes faith to obtain God’s grace for salvation. Love isn’t earned it is received and God wants us to receive it today!

If your consumed with trying to earn God’s grace take time today to pray and receive it by faith. God’s grace or His favor is what we need take time to receive it and see your life change!

Next week we will look at Grace as a sanctifier.